Unlock the Power of Your Chakras


Let us take you on a journey of healing, acceptance, love and enlightenment

In “Unlock the Power of your Chakras”, Dr. Reetu, having gone through her own incredible healing journey, shows you how to awaken your inner healing system within you. Chakras can become blocked through traumas, fear, anxiety and stress. These blockages disrupt the harmony in the field and can cause mental, emotional and physical disorders in the body.

What does this course include?

Dr Reetu will empower you with the knowledge, tools and techniques to reconnect with and balance your own chakras to heal and elevate your mind, body, emotions and life. The course will include various aspects which are described in more detail below. 

6 Online Training Sessions

You will receive 6 online training sessions which teach the fundamentals of the chakras and how to align these to help you build your best self.

Weekly Exercises

Weekly exercises to consolidate learnings of training content.

Apply What You Learn

Weekly action guides to keep you on track

Email Support

You will receive 6 weeks of email support with Dr Reetu.

Bonus Chakra Coaching

1 bonus chakra coaching call with Dr Reetu

Guided Meditation

3 Guided Meditations



Understand chakras and how they affect your life

Unblock stuck energy for better health, vitality and well-being

Unlock the power of your chakras to heal past traumas

Manifest your ideal life and feel more purposeful and fulfilled

Boost your immune system and emotional resilience

Improve sleep and increase energy

Enhance clarity

Expand happiness

Improve your relationships and alleviate stress


The techniques are simple and powerful. Reetu teachings offer a wealth of information on energy techniques that you can use from day one.
Dr Reetu’s knowledge, experiences and simplicity of explanation of strategies assisted me in becoming more aware of my emotions and energy flow and how to shift these to create healing, peace and joy.
I was keen to attend a chakra's workshop and Reetu's session was a good starting point to get an introduction to this ancient traditional approach. Following her session I was motivated and inspired to refocus on my spiritual health goals.
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