THE UNION OF BODY, MIND AND SPIRIT: Dr Reetu’s Near Death Experience Reveals Angelic Message To Self Healing

Now you too can learn to use your natural in-born ability to self heal, using nothing more than your energy within AND begin to unlock the KEYS TO TRANSFORMING YOUR LIFE into a place of Love, Peace, and Happiness.

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Dear Friend,

Are you looking to transform your health (both body and mind) and experience health, happiness and inner peace as a result?

All of us have occasional emotional, mental, physical and spiritual upsets.

Some people, however, are more or less constantly bothered by anxiety, chronic physical pains, vague fears, and other disturbing feelings.

Persistent and unresolved emotional, mental, physical and spiritual upsets keep many of us from being as happy and as healthy as we should be.

Your Body, Mind and Spirit are inseparably linked. Whatever affects one affects the other. Unless we deal with these occasional upsets intelligently, they can take over our lives crushing our spirits, draining away our precious energy and can lead to physical symptoms and bodily disorders.

My Mission is to help empower lives to heal themselves and be able to live a life of health and happiness. Healing Health and Happiness is the epicentre of empowering lives, it creates a ripple effect in everything else in life.

About Dr Reetu

Dr. Reetu Verma is the founder of Healing, Health and Happiness with her vision to see a happier, healthier and a more loving and peaceful world.

She is an academic at University of Wollongong, a coach and an entrepreneur building heart-centred business in the area of Healing, Health and Happiness to improve the lives of others.

She’s a voice/teacher helping people wake up and raise their consciousness, on a mission to help humanity heal and evolve to create a sustainable, healthy, peaceful and prosperous world.

She is also an engaging speaker who enjoys sharing her healing journey through the principles of yoga and meditation.


“My calling is showing people the way out of the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual darkness into the way of the light and freedom” – Dr Reetu

Dr Reetu is very well accomplished and polished in her field of Self healing and coaching with Certification from Tony Robbins and over a two and a half Decades of experience in teaching and supporting students.

Discover The Natural healing secret Pill companies NEVER want you to find out: Re-Activating Your Long-Lost In Born Process To Self Healing

We live in times where we grow up being told that to get rid of pain all you have to do is pop a pill. This has created a pill dependent society which most of the time is looking to treat the symptom instead of the root cause.

The truth is each and every one of us already possesses an amazing ability to self heal – we are born with it, but we just forget we have it.

Any man or woman can re-discover this inborn process just by following the right steps and re-learning how to use our inbuilt transformational process.

I was forced to rediscover my natural self healing process when I had struggled for over a decade and all solutions had failed. I remember when my lower back pain got so painful that I just couldn’t take the pain anymore. I was desperate and my husband was getting scared with all the pain killers I was taking.

I tried absolutely everything: Doctors, Acupuncturists, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Physiotherapists, and I spent money (a lot of it). I had run out of solutions and the pain just wouldn’t go away.


Yoga is more than physical exercise, It’s where you connect with the spirit within you, and that’s where true healing happens.

After I took up specific yoga techniques that’s really when my physical self healing really took a turn. ALL my tension, anxiety and stress just left my body and mind, like sheets of metal falling off of me.

I felt something different, something I hadn’t felt in years…I felt RELIEF. The pain had dissipated. How could something as simple as yoga take away my pain, when I had tried so many other things?

I wanted to learn more. After this life changing event I wanted to learn ALL about energy self healing.

It wasn’t until I accessed this inbuilt ability that I suddenly felt like the world had been lifted off my shoulders. I felt a new sense of freedom and I felt at peace within my body.

The Hidden Secret to My Health They Don’t Want You To Know; Create Heaven Of Earth