by Dr Reetu Verma

Although many of us are looking forward to the holiday season and the upcoming get-togethers with family and friends, it can be a very stressful time of year. As the end of the year arrives, many people are left feeling drained and exhausted.  So, how do we balance the stress of the holiday season? Energy is the key!

Below is my 3 Step Strategy that can help to keep you energised through the day and enjoy a fun, peaceful, holiday get-together:

1. Set your intention 

While we prepare for a party physically by organising, shopping, cooking, menu planning and choosing an outfit, it is also important to prepare ourself mentally and emotionally.

At the very beginning of the day, these steps can help your planned get-togethers go smoothly and allow you to stay energised and responsive rather than drained and reactive:

  1. Set an intention that all is going to be well.
  2. Visualize everyone who you will be seeing one by one and send a silent blessing to each person using their names.
  3. Use prayers and meditation to energize yourself and your home with love and harmony.

2. Have awareness 

Throughout the celebrations continue to: 

  1. Intonate an affirmation throughout the day, (pre, during and post-gathering), e.g. I am protected, The Universe has my back, All is well. You can pick just one that suits you. I repeat all three.
  2. While everyone is around, try to remain aware of what is going on, not only around you but within you. Are you feeling triggered, are past emotions of hurt and pain surfacing? If so, to what point? Catch yourself before you reach your tipping point, where you may overreact. If you recognise this happening, respond positively; leave the room for some time out to re-charge yourself. You can re-charge in the following ways:
    • by taking a few deep breaths.
    • by centering yourself and repeating steps 1-3 under “set your intention.”
    • by reminding yourself that all is well.

    You can also try Dr Deepak Chopra’s STOP method:

    S: Stop

    T: Take 3 deep breaths

    O: Observe yourself

    P: Proceed with loving kindness

3.Practise gratitude

Post- celebration or get together: 

  1. Be grateful for the wonderful day, grateful to yourself for doing so well, grateful to the Universe for protection.

However, you are celebrating these holidays, stay safe and be kind to yourself.