Healing Through Energy


“Healing Through Energy” will teach you how to tap into your energy to heal yourself and as a result feel happier and healthier.

There’s a reason millions of people around the world practice energy work every day. The key to health and well-being is via the connection with the universal life-force energy.

In this course, Dr Reetu teaches you about that energy and how you can use it to heal yourself. She helps you tune into your own energy, unblock stuck energy, eliminate negativity, heal yourself and enjoy a fuller, healthier and happier life.

When we understand our own energy and how it is affected by our thoughts, emotions, environment, food, we have more power to regulate our energy and live more vibrantly, abundantly and freely.

21 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you aren’t thrilled and if you don’t get incredible results, simply email me for a complete refund. You have 21 full days to relax, take your time, and ask questions

In this self-paced online course, you will learn the basic principles of energy:


In this 6 week online course, Reetu shares her own personal journey of healing and transformation through energy. She  will also break down specific practices that are crucial to living a healthy, happy life, and provide you with tips and strategies to empower you towards your own self-healing

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The improvement in my energy levels has been INCREDIBLE leading to transformations, mentally and emotionally, by simply following Reetu’s advice on working with stuck energy.
Tai Chi Instructor
The wisdom imparted over the past 6 weeks by Dr Reetu has helped me gain clarity with what I want from life and given me some concrete steps to take to help me get there. The accountability and support I received during the course have helped me start to progress already!
Administration Officer
I have known Reetu for many years and have always found her to be authentic, genuine, kind, warm, positive and loving. She has always been a person I feel I could talk to for counsel and guidance. After starting her business Healing Health and Happiness, I have had the good fortune to receive some coaching from her and also partake in her "Healing Through Energy Course". I was very impressed with her knowledge, her delivery and her ability to get straight to the crux of the issue. She genuinely cares and has a knack for providing gentle yet effective guidance. Her Healing Through Energy course opened my eyes and applying these energetic healing techniques to my own life I have definitely seen positive shifts. I would highly recommend her course and/or her counsel if you are feeling stuck in your life and ready to make a shift towards a more purposeful and joyful way of living.
Business Owner