Dr. Reetu Verma

Mudra is derived from the Sanskrit word “mudita” meaning happiness, joy or bliss. Mudras are hand gestures designed to evoke specific feelings. Forming mudras is a technique to restore harmony and balance as it helps you to stimulate and adjust the flow of energy in your body, known as prana.

What is “prana”?

Prana literally means vital “life-force.” Prana is described as the vital energy that exists in all things. In ancient yoga tradition, it is said that this life-giving energy is what connects us to the cosmos, and is the underlying force behind our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and well-being. Many a times, we find ourselves depleted of  life-force energy (like a flat battery) flowing through our body, which can create disharmony and imbalances within.

One practice that can help you recharge your batteries and move you towards happiness is Prana Mudra.


These hand gestures:

With these benefits and many more, no wonder the prana mudra is recognised as the Happiness mudra. It is known that by practicing this prana mudra in particular helps to expand our life force energy within. This leads to better health and happiness.

However, don’t just take my word for it; practice and discover the power of mudras for yourself!

  • The best part of the practice is that it can be performed anywhere, anytime; at home/office/plane.

The practice of prana mudra involves your thumb, little finger, and the ring finger.


How to Practice:

  • Bring together the tips of the ring and little fingers together with the thumb.
  • Hold prana mudra while taking several deep breaths.
  • This can be done in a seated position while you are meditating.
  • For those who like a challenge, do the prana mudra while doing Warrior 2 Pose.


Credits: Pic by Rishikesh Yogis