I am a woman who has lived a full life, holding many roles; wife, mother, academic, coach and spiritual being with a zest for life and spreading happiness. Watch these short videos to gain a better insight into who I am, what I think and why we should connect.



Reetu is a life coach and an amazing kind, clever person. She finds ways to encourage and coach me to become the best version of myself. She will transform your thinking if you listen, not only to her words but her actions. Taking small steps and bigger steps out of your normal habits changes your life. You become fearless, open to change, caring and kind. These are some of the values that Reetu has and can help you bring out in every step you take in life.Reetu makes a difference. Open up and learn from this amazing life coach- you have so much to gain and nothing to fear! Rewards just come if you can be open to learning.”
“By the end of the 3-hour session, although I was under no obligation to, I made a few decisions about what I wanted to do in the near future.Things that I felt were worth doing because they would make my family and I happy. Things that I had put off for no good reason.Things that had dropped down the priority list because life was all happening too fast. Reetu’s inspiring talk helped me realise what is really important to me”.”
“Reetu was so full of energy and positivity. She talked to us about our journeys and we all enjoyed the three hours together. There was a feeling of peace and tranquillity in the yoga centre. The small group shared their stories and were inspired by Reetu’s knowledge, experiences and simplicity of explanation of strategies to assist us in becoming more aware of our emotions and more positive people sharing energy. ”