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I am the founder of Healing, Health and Happiness and believe in a holistic approach to healing and health. I have 25 years of experience as an academic, teacher and coach where I have provided support, help and guidance to thousands of people from all walks of life from all over the globe. Having undergone my own transformation after my near death experience, my teachings have now been expanded to personal development and spiritual growth.

Healing, Health & Happiness is a result of my personal journey of healing and my deepest wish and commitment to make a positive difference in the lives of others, to help them on their healing journey so they can live a healthier, happier life. Click on the video below to hear my story of my near death experience and journey to a life of greater health, wellbeing and purpose.


Our Services

One-On-One Coaching

Our 1:1 coaching sessions create profound lasting changes. We will help you uncover your authentic self, awaken your potential, build stronger, more meaningful relationships, improve your health, and have a more fun-filled and inspiring life.

Group Workshops

In our group coaching, you will learn tools and techniques to help you heal and transform your life. Each session will draw on the group's collective wisdom, providing support and accountability towards your transformational journey.

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Online Courses

Check this space for our online courses to help you on your healing journey towards greater health and wellbeing. These courses can be done at your own pace from the comfort of your computer. We add new courses periodically.


With all the challenges, struggles, tears and frustrations, I used to pour my heart to her and she being a wonderful listener, used to listen to my problems, comfort me and give me advice. She, being a very smart, honest and supportive lady, always showed me the right path, helped me beyond her comfort zone to make me what I am today. She is passionate to help others and selflessly will always listen and help the community and people around her. I am extremely lucky that I came across such a wonderful person who is undoubtedly such a great human being and a selfless giver, who knows how to resolve problems and spread happiness among people. Reetu, taught me to fight, to believe in myself and took me out of a depressed state. I wish everyone to have a mentor and guide as REETU who I believe is another name for confidence, strength, love and happiness
My sleep was always bad. It SUCKED. Ever since I started business my sleep just went out the door. Late nights (and I mean LATE i.e. 4am sleeps) and early wake ups was affecting my health. Eventually, it caught up to me, and I fell into a pattern of not being able to fall asleep at normal times. After chatting in detail with Reetu, we discovered why this was happening (and the reasoning behind it was actually quite interesting!). Since taking her advice, I've been able to easily sleep earlier and feel 10x better. This will improve my health dramatically and enable me to consistently work on business without costs to my health. Thank you Reetu, you legend!
University Student
I went in to HHH with very few expectations. I was hoping to find a place to be calm & escape the busy world for a few hours, not much more.  What I found instead was: - a teacher with a wealth of academic experience who openly admitted that her formal qualifications meant nothing if she could not use them to help people to improve their health. - a group of beautiful supportive pure people who I felt I could share my recent troubles with By the end of the 3-hour session, although I was under no obligation to, I made a few decisions about what I wanted to do in the near future. Things that I felt were worth doing because they would make my family & I happy. Things that I had put off for no good reason. Things that had dropped down the priority list because life was all happening too fast. HHH helped me realise what is really important to me”
I have known Reetu for many years and have always found her to be authentic, genuine, kind, warm, positive and loving. She has always been a person I feel I could talk to for counsel and guidance. After starting her business Healing Health and Happiness, I have had the good fortune to receive some coaching from her and also partake in her "Healing Through Energy". I was very impressed with her knowledge, her delivery and her ability to get straight to the crux of the issue. She genuinely cares and has a knack for providing gentle yet effective guidance. Her Healing Through Energy course opened my eyes and applying these energetic healing techniques to my own life I have definitely seen positive shifts. I would highly recommend her course and/or her counsel if you are feeling stuck in your life and ready to make a shift towards a more purposeful and joyful way of living.
Business Owner

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